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RAYOVAC Ultra Pro Alkaline Batteries

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RAYOVAC Ultra Pro Alkaline Batteries


Product Details

Power your battery-operated commercial tools with Rayovac’s Ultra Pro alkaline batteries, the No. 1 selling industrial batteries. These dependable Alkaline batteries now last even longer, based on American National Standards Institute service life tests and more rigorous continuous drain testing applications. And because longer-lasting batteries don’t have to be replaced as often, you’ll save time and money, reduce inventory and boost productivity as a result.

Rayovac Ultra Pro batteries pak

Specifically, on average:

The AA battery lasts 5 percent longer

The AAA battery lasts 3 percent longer

The C lasts 4 percent longer

In addition, in continuous drain applications, Rayovac Ultra Pro C batteries now last 23 percent longer and D batteries last 11 percent longer, compared with batteries produced in October 2010. Rayovac has made major investments to improve Ultra Pro battery performance in continuous drain applications, a common use of batteries in the commercial channel.

Sizes:AAA,AA,C-cell,D-Cell,9 Volt